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The best of DRT and Paratransit

Padam Mobility offers a turnkey suite of Demand-Responsive Transport solutions. It is based on powerful algorithms andartificial intelligence.

DRT and Paratransit

A complete software suite for an optimal experience

Simple and intuitive: for easy booking and travel

Simple and intuitive:
to make it easier to make bookings
and to travel around


Real-time and in advance bookings


Multi-dates and recurring bookings


Real-time passenger information


Payment and post-payment


Specific notifications to third parties (Paratransit)


Specific assistance (Paratransit)


Equipment management (Paratransit)

Management interface

Complete and efficient:
for an optimal service configuration and monitoring


Real-time service monitoring


Service creation or modification


Management of the bookings, vehicles and parameters of a territory


Management of operational hazards

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Statistical visualisation

Navigation interface

Easy to use and ergonomic:
to adapt to all types of operations


Real-time ride evolution


Validation of the users' boarding and alighting


Automated information service


Addition of payment methods on board


Addition of spontaneous passengers


Contact with users and/or their relatives in the event of a hazard

The end of overpriced DRT

The end of overpriced DRT

Operating a Demand-Responsive Transport network is often perceived as very expensive. Padam Mobility DRT solutions provide answers to the two black spots of Demand-Responsive Transport: empty rides and too many detours.

Thanks to optimisation and routing algorithms based on artificial intelligence, vehicle itineraries and schedules are built according to the demand.
No more empty vehicles, no more unnecessary kilometres.

For the
operator, operating costs are reduced. For the Public Aauthorities, the DRT operator's bill is reduced.

The multi-territories, designed by Padam Mobility for the territories

Padam Mobility DRT and Paratransit solutions adapt to the local constraints and challenges of both the territories and their inhabitants, while providing local authorities the possibility of unifying all their on-demand transport services under a single brand and management platform. The on-demand mobility offer is more legible and consistent throughout the territory.

Padam Mobility solutions' "multi-territories" architecture allows different DRT and Paratransit services to be managed on the same platform while serving different territories and responding to different service configurations.

Demand-Repsonsive Transport: yes but smart!
Demand-Repsonsive Transport: yes but smart!

Demand-Repsonsive Transport: yes but smart!

Some booking and operating systems do not meet user requirements in terms of reliability, ergonomics and flexibility. These solutions are often obsolete and require the installation of heavy and unintuitive operating systems. They are generally backed by a phone booking system that does not allow for real-time bookings or the optimisation of operations in real time.

Padam Mobility applications and management interfaces significantly optimise the booking and operation processes of all types of existing Demand-Responsive Transport solutions. No more excel spreadsheets on the operator side!

You may be wondering...

How long does it take to implement our DRT or Paratransit solution?


From 1 to 3 months for an implementation on a territory according to the level of complexity and customisation required.

How do you charge for your products and services?


We charge a set-up fee and then a monthly license fee for the provision of our software suite. Their amounts depend on the configurations, the number and the type of solution chosen. The development of specific features are subject to a specific billing defined at the beginning of the project.

What about our support ?


Our teams are at your disposal and accompany you throughout your project and beyond, to answer your questions and problems.

How many languages are available?


Currently, 9 languages (French, Canadian French, English, German, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch). Each deployment in a new country is an opportunity for us to add new languages.

My users do not need a mobile app to book their DRT ride at this time, is it required?


Not at all. We can deploy our solutions with a simple booking website that will be used by your users or your call center.

Can you import data from my existing DRT or Paratransit service?


Of course. All the data related to your stops, the geography of your territory or those of your user base can be imported during the implementation of our solutions.

Implementing a new service?
Optimising an existing service?
Replacing a fixed busline?