At Padam Mobility, thinking about the Demand-Responsive Transport of the future is already a reality with the on-demand Autonomous Vehicle (AV)

Making vehicles truly autonomous with Padam Mobility solutions

Demand-Responsive Transport meets all the use cases that require adapting supply to demand. Designed as a shared mode of transportation, the on-demand autonomous vehicle combines the advantages of the autonomous vehicle with the social, economic and ecological benefits of Demand-Responsive Transport. It is a particularly relevant solution in certain contexts:

  • serving defined areas, such as campuses, hospitals, airports, etc.
  • optimised feeder solution to/from a transport node
  • serving the first and last kilometre within large areas (commercial, industrial, residential, etc.)
Thinking about MaaS outside the city

DRT + AV: the winning combination

The combination of DRT + Autonomous Vehicle provides a relevant and coherent response to the operational and service constraints of certain areas. A true complement to conventional public transport, it offers many advantages for an increasingly optimised shared transport:

  • Smart and ecological, the on-demand autonomous vehicle makes it possible to further optimise the transport offer by reducing the number of vehicles mobilised. 100% electric, it guarantees a smart management of recharging times, for example, while avoiding empty rides.
  • Economical, the on-demand autonomous vehicle reduces the cost of transport per passenger by reducing the "driver" expense item.

* Barometer of Everyday Mobility 2020, Nicolas Hulot Foundation, 2021

"DRT and Autonomous Vehicles are friends and complementary technologies that address needs that are mostly similar."

Xavier Boureau, Commercial Director,Padam mobility

Ziad Khoury,
Co-founder and Expansion Director, Padam Mobility

Solutions that integrate with all levels of autonomy for a 100% tailor-made service

Autonomous Vehicle technology includes different levels of autonomy: from the vehicle with no or almost no autonomy from the driver (e.g. limited assistance or parking assistance), to autonomy on two guiding dimensions or to almost full autonomy.

Padam Mobility solutions are independent and flexible. They can integrate all levels of autonomy compatible with autonomous shuttles and adapt to all types of fleets.

Proposing a complementary offer
Thinking about MaaS outside the city

A proven technology thanks to several experimentations on the field

For the past two years, Padam Mobility has been placing the autonomous DRT at the heart of its R&D, with a team dedicated to innovation and experimentation. The company has already achieved several successes in this area:

100% automated autonomous DRT by Padam Mobility: how does it work?

Padam Mobility has added a new module to its DRT solution to be able to give directions not to a human driver but to a smart vehicle. This module dictates the ride, informs the driver when to open the doors, pick up and drop off passengers. It also manages the possible absence of passengers at the pick-up point.

On the user side, the booking interfaces are perfectly adapted to the operation of the autonomous vehicle.From the user's booking to the vehicle's reaction, everything is managed entirely by artificial intelligence.

Padam Mobility: an ULTIMO project partner member

The ULTIMO European project aims to lay the foundations for and deploy the very first large-scale, passenger-centric and economically viable on-demand public transport services. ULTIMO aims to facilitate the integration of autonomous vehicles in cities with autonomous door-to-door services for more sustainable, accessible and inclusive mobility.

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