Transport Consulting

Imagine, design and analyse your DRT service

Whatever the specificity of your territory and the characteristics of your planned or operating DRT service, our transport consultants will help you to see things more clearly.

Imagine, design and analyse your DRT service

Our consultants have the answer
to your questions

A Demand-Responsive Transport project? A Demand-Responsive Transport service already in operation? Our feasibility studies and performance audits provide answers to your questions and give you the keys to make the right decisions.

 Our transport consultants have the answer to your questions
  • What problems can DRT solve on my territory?
  • Is my territory suitable for a DRT service?
  • What DRT configuration should I implement on my territory?
  • How many vehicles do I need for my DRT service?
  • How can I improve the performance of my existing DRT?
  • How many passengers can I carry with a DRT offer?
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Performance audits
  • Does my DRT work well in general?
  • How can I track my DRT data more efficiently?
  • How can my DRT be improved?
  • Do I need to add vehicles?
  • In which area does the service work least well? best?
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Feasibility study: find out if DRT is right for you!

Our transport consultants bring you all their expertise in 3 steps:


Analysis of geographical, demographic, socio-economic and political data for a precise understanding of your territory.


Quantitative results and concrete indicators.


Proposals of DRT service offers adapted to your territory and its stakes.

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Feasibility study

"Our consultants offer a comprehensive support to help our clients find the best solutions for their DRT project: a real added value for an efficient and profitable realisation."

Benoît Casoetto, CPTO

Grégoire Bonnat
Co-founder and CEO, Padam Mobility

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Performance audit

Performance audit: is your DRT in top shape?

Our performance audits are accompanied by a personalised dashboard to identify your service's strengths and weaknesses at a glance:


Performance audit
To understand if your DRT is being operated properly and to identify areas for improvement.


Customised dashboard
To effectively track your DRT data.

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Our transport consultants always at your service

Territorial diagnosis, on-demand transport modelling, service configuration, simulations, operational data analysis, fleet organisation, etc. Our transport consultants put all their skills at your disposal.

Always at your service, they will help you define the DRT service that is best suited to your territory, evaluate the feasibility of your project and define the key parameters.

Our transport consultants