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Adamo service in Brussels

Adamo service in Brussels


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The Adamo project now allows residents of the eastern and southern parts of the Brussels Region to travel to the Théâtre Royal de La Monnaie by Demand-Responsive Transport , thus offering an additional alternative to the use of private cars.

The travel of the public, artists and sportsmen represents up to 80% of the carbon footprint of the event sector. The carbon footprint of the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie corroborates this observation. The congestion of the roads, the late hour of the end of the shows, the sometimes important distances, and the absence of reliable alternative pushed the establishment to experiment the Demand-Responsive Transport for its public.

The operation has the ambition to popularize new mobility practices. If it is able to replace all modes of transport, particular attention is paid to the fact that it should not compete with public transport, but only complement it. 

Serving a dozen municipalities, the service, available since October 28, rewards users with a drink at the opera bar. For the period November-December 2022, Adamo is only available for the inhabitants of the East and South of the Brussels Region and its immediate surroundings. An extension of the zone will be studied from 2023. 

Adamo is flexible and can arrange for one to five vehicles, but can request up to fifteen drivers if needed. bookings can be booked up to 24 hours before the show.

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