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BreizhGo service in the Brittany region

BreizhGo service in the Brittany regionHow to better connect urban centres and peri-urban areas with Demand-Responsive Transport ?How to better connect urban centres and peri-urban areas with Demand-Responsive Transport ?

"The regional platform of Demand-Responsive Transport BreizhGo aims to offer a travel service that complements other modes of public transport to finely mesh the regional territory, particularly in the least dense areas."

Grégoire Bonnat [BreizhGo]

Grégoire Bonnat

Co-founder and CEO, Padam Mobility

50 000

rides made since the launch of the service

The rural services of DRT and Paratransit BreizhGo complement the regular public transport offer and encourage the use of public transport for the rides daily trips from towns not served by public transport (rides home-work). In addition, they facilitate access to everyday services (shops, markets, medical centers, town halls, job centers, etc.), reinforcing mobility and social ties in the region, particularly for isolated and/or elderly people, or people without means of transportation.

The Paratransit services are operated in a door-to-door or door-to-point (stop) configuration. Their fleet is composed of about ten vehicles, three of which are shared with classic DRT services.

The regional management and booking platform BreizhGo aims toprovide greater clarity and consistency in the regional on-demand mobility offer, for the benefit of mobility in rural areas and in response to a very wide variety of use cases. Today, the platform includes more than 9 different transport services and operators serving the departments of Ille-et-Vilaine and Morbihan. The other departments of the region are currently being integrated.

Why Padam Mobility ?

  • Flexibility of the SaaS mode, which allows continuous improvement of the service.
  • High flexibility of the solution and optimization of itineraries and grouping of passengers within vehicles.
  • Possibility of combining door-to-door and door-to-stop operations including service to points of interest, such as train stations.
  • Automatic management of door-to-door and door-to-stop configurations.
  • Ability to connect rides users with trains at defined times.
  • Ability to manage multiple services and operators on the same platform.
  • Ability to easily provide users with new channels of booking.
  • Ability to provide specific information (administrative information, status, type of disability, details of the specific pick-up if applicable, etc.) on each Paratransit user thanks to the customizable fields associated with user profiles.
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How to better connect urban centres and peri-urban areas with Demand-Responsive Transport ?

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