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The Robin service in Gloucestershire

The Robin service in Gloucestershire

The Robin on-demand service was launched in mid-October 2022 in Gloucestershire. The aim of the service is to provide reliable public transport to the very rural areas of the Forest of Dean and North Cotswolds. Many people in these areas have little access to public transport, which significantly reduces their overall quality of life. 

The vehicles, 1 in Forest of Dean and 2 in North Cotswolds, connect users to existing infrastructure, providing substantial support to the public transportation system, particularly during off-peak hours. 

"The Robin" is one of 17 projects funded under the UK government's Rural Mobility Fund 2020 application. Lasting two years, the project has received a total of £1.35 million. 

Users can book the service via phone, via app or via the booking website. For the latter two options, they can choose to pay directly via the website or app, or by cash or debit card to the driver. bookings made through phone will automatically be paid directly to the driver at the start of the ride. 

"The Robin operates Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Wheelchair users will also be able to use this service. ride At booking passengers can indicate directly if wheelchair space is required. In addition to the wheelchair space, seats are available for 16 other people. 

"The Robin" is a pilot project that will be deployed over the next two years to explore the mobility needs of residents in rural Gloucestershire and how public transport in the region can be adapted to meet those needs.

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