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OL Vallée on demand service in Lyon

OL Vallée on demand service in Lyon


Autonomous vehicles on the road

Ol Vallée on demand is a successful project of DRT integrated with autonomous vehicles in the framework of the European initiative h2020 Avenue.

As for the DRT , the autonomous shuttle is booked from an application developed by Padam Mobility. The user's pick-up is automated, whether it is the calculation of theitinerary, the stopping of the vehicle, or the management of a possible absent passenger. Validation of boarding is done via a QR code.

The integration of DRT allows to significantly improve transport services via autonomous vehicles in many respects: economy of scale and energy, optimization of the user experience, better adaptation to the concrete needs of the user.

Several similar projects will be implemented from 2023 onwards in Europe, again using Padam Mobility and Navya technologies.

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