Telobus & Handimoohv services in Limoges

Telobus & Handimoohv services in LimogesHow to reconnect rural areas with Demand-Responsive Transport?How to reconnect rural areas with Demand-Responsive Transport?

"Thanks to on-demand transport services (DRT and Paratransit), new ways of managing and guaranteeing access to a more inclusive and sustainable mobility can be put in place. Means that allow a gradual transition to low-carbon travel, reduce the impact of the private car, improve access to employment and service areas."

Grégoire Bonnat [low dense]

Grégoire Bonnat

Co-founder and CEO of Padam Mobility

11 000

rides made since the launch of the service

Telobus is the Demand-Responsive Transport service of the Société de Transports en Commun de Limoges Métropoles (STCL). Launched in October 2020, the Telobus network now includes two combined services: classic Demand-Responsive transport and Paratransit. The latter, operated under the brand name Handimoovh 87, allows users with reduced mobility to travel door-to-door on weekdays and weekends. It includes specific boarding times for each user in order to guarantee an adequate support. The service is provided by a vehicle with 8 adjustable seats.

The implementation of the DRT and Paratransit solutions by the Régie Régionale des Transports de la Haute Vienne (RRTHV) allows a complete mobility for public transportation users of Limoges and Aixe-sur-Vienne, facilitating the travels within and between the 2 municipalities.

Why Padam Mobility ?

  • Automated door-to-door management.
  • Capacity to directly recalculate the available space remaining in the vehicle according to the equipment of the Paratransit users (manual or electric wheelchair).
  • Ability to provide specific information (administrative information, status, type of disability, details of assistance provided, etc.) on each Paratransit user through customisable fields associated with user profiles.
  • Automation of the operation and in particular of the ride dispatch.
  • Flexibility and adaptability of the solution that promotes access to the service and the autonomy of Paratransit users in their booking.
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How to reconnect rural areas with Demand-Responsive Transport?

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