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La navette service in Chelles

La navette service in ChellesHow to reconnect rural areas with Demand-Responsive Transport?How to reconnect rural areas with Demand-Responsive Transport?

"Thanks to on-demand transport services (DRT and Paratransit), new ways of managing and guaranteeing access to a more inclusive and sustainable mobility can be put in place. Means that allow a gradual transition to low-carbon travel, reduce the impact of the private car, improve access to employment and service areas."

Grégoire Bonnat [low dense]

Grégoire Bonnat

Co-founder and CEO of Padam Mobility


integration of the DRT service into TAD IDFM

Since January 2019 and in partnership with Transdev, Padam Mobility has been involved in serving business parks and on the first & last kilometre issues in Chelles (Seine et Marne).

Since 2021, La Navette is part of the regional service of Demand-Responsive Transport of the Paris region: TAD IDFM. The urban area of Chelles and its surrounding communes thus became one of the areas served by the TAD IDFM solution.

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How to reconnect rural areas with Demand-Responsive Transport?

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